When a lab, like this one, invests in laboratory temperature monitoring systems to oversee critical parameters, lab technicians have more time to dedicate to research

Labs and other facilities are home to valuable specimens and samples — many of which would take years to replicate or are irreplaceable if compromised by temperature failures. Prevent costly losses with the cloud-based CORIS laboratory temperature monitoring system as a safeguard. While reducing human error, our data logging system supports regulatory compliance in your lab.

Access to Real-Time Data & Alerts

When temperature excursions occur outside of predefined thresholds in lab freezers or refrigerators, researchers and facilities staff in a laboratory environment are notified in real time through their preferred contact method. With remote monitoring in place, they’ll receive lab monitoring system alerts anytime and anywhere — with remote access to temperature data anytime it’s needed.

A System That Is Simple to Install & Use

Our lab monitoring system offers a plug-and-play installation process with an easy setup to get temperature sensors up and running fast. An intuitive, web-based interface makes it easy for staff to access temperature data, monitor and address issues, and generate reports. Only a half-hour training course is needed to get started with using CORIS.

Ensured Network & Data Security

Temperature readings from your lab freezer, refrigerator, or other long-term storage containers are encrypted when they are sent to the CORIS servers. Data is permanently stored and cannot be altered. At the same time, our temperature monitoring system easily fits into existing IT infrastructures to help lighten the workloads of IT teams and expedite installation times.

Different Use Cases for Laboratory Temperature Monitoring Systems

What Our Clients Are Saying

CORIS provides true peace of mind. The customizable alerts let me spot potential problems before they are real problems, and the intuitive graphs let my team diagnose fluctuations and temperature spikes. No more 4 am trips to the lab because of a brief power outage!


Learn how our laboratory temperature monitoring system streamlined freezer maintenance at Tulane’s National Primate Research Center.

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