A temperature monitoring system can be used for the remote monitoring of food temperature for safety purposes; other examples of these monitoring systems equipped with wireless sensors include beer and wine warehouses and wine cellar temperatures to ensure that a wine collection remains at the optimal temperature

When food and beverages are subjected to extreme temperature variations, businesses are left with the costly burden of product loss and liabilities around safety and compliance. Protect your inventory, your customers, and your bottom line with the CORIS food temperature monitoring system.

Support for Food Safety

Personnel and technicians receive customizable, real-time alerts when temperature excursions occur in cooling systems – whether that’s in a warehouse, walk-ins, reach-ins, or wine cellars.  Permanent temperature logs create an audit trail and support troubleshooting efforts.

Remote Temperature Monitoring Made Simple

Wireless temperature sensors are easy to install (just place them in the cooler or freezer) and automatically communicate with cloud-based CORIS servers. With our food temperature monitoring system, all it takes is a quick training to get up and running on the web-based platform and start receiving temperature monitoring alerts.

Security Is Top of Mind

Sensor data is encrypted when transmitted from CORIS wireless sensors to CORIS servers and is securely stored there. The CORIS remote monitoring system does not require a “hole” in the firewall to reach the internet, simplifying installation and security.

Applications of Temperature Monitoring in Food, Beer, & Wine

What Our Food Services Clients Are Saying

“With CORIS, it’s easy to navigate through the portal and print reports. It’s also a nice feature to have automatic reports and alerts provided. When there’s a problem with the system, we can always depend on a quick reaction from the vendor.”

-Ed Pereira, Operations Manager, Commercial Dist

Get the temperature and humidity control you need to support your food services operations. Invest in CORIS.

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