Remote 24-Hour Temperature Monitoring For Labs

A smart, simple, secure system that offers smart alerts, automatic reporting, and peace of mind.

What We Do

Our remote 24-hour temperature monitor system continuously sends freezer temperatures to the “cloud”. We log and analyze these temperature readings to see if they are staying within acceptable bounds; if not, we send early warnings to laboratories to let researchers know when the temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, and liquid nitrogen tanks are getting too warm, threatening their samples and specimens. We provide time to move refrigerator or freezer contents to a safe storage location, preventing the loss of research that may have taken years to produce.


Don't wait for a freezer failure to take action.

Our Motivation

Our freezer remote monitoring system helps prevent devastating losses by detecting temperature failures. In life sciences, refrigerators and freezers store specimens, reagents, samples, stem cells, and more that are often difficult or impossible to replace or duplicate. These appliances are mechanical and will eventually fail–maybe in a year, maybe in 10 years–and the failure can be catastrophic for a laboratory. A typical freezer’s contents are valued at over $150,000 and may take years to reproduce or replace if damaged by freezer problems.

Why Labs Prefer Our Solution

Automated Reports

Automated reports can be customized and emailed daily, weekly, or monthly. This is extremely useful for lab management and compliance purposes.

Flexible & Scalable

Monitors all types of freezers and refrigerators, from -80 freezers to liquid nitrogen tanks. Seamless scalability from one freezer to thousands, over multiple labs and locations. Since Coris is cloud-based, there is no on-site PC which means no maintenance for lab personnel.


Patented network security allows the Gateway to be connected directly to your lab's LAN with no “hole” required in LAN firewall.

Smart Alerts

Our unique "Smart Alerts" tool takes the guesswork out of defining appropriate thresholds and timeouts. Though default alert settings are available for each freezer type, every aspect of an alert is customizable--recipients can even set up different notification methods based on day/time. Optional three-tier alert escalation and required user input ensures that issues on nights and weekends are resolved.

Superior Support

Most of our customers self-install their systems, but our support team is available if you need help. Building relationships with our customers is a top-priority for our team; we strive to provide exemplary technical support in the process.


Coris is a high-end monitoring system at a low cost. No upfront investment is necessary; all-inclusive monthly subscription per sensor covers hardware and software.

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How We Do It

On-Site Hardware – Coris temperature probes continuously measure internal freezer temperatures, Coris wireless modules transmit data via a Gateway module to the Coris cloud servers. Each Gateway can communicate with up to 100 wireless modules.

Cloud Servers log all the temperature readings, compare readings to the acceptable temperatures and time intervals, send out alerts to researchers if trigger conditions are met, and automatically prepare regular reports on freezer temperatures and alert ticket logs.

Web-Based Interface allows users easy 24/7 access to their freezer info, reports, and alerts from any web-enabled device with intuitive navigation and highly-customizable setup.

Why Now

Recent high-profile freezer failures at fertility clinics and major universities have made effective freezer monitoring and alerting a high-priority issue for researchers, lab managers, and institutional administrators.

Rising recognition of institutional risk of high-profile loss of critical tissue samples and specimens – triggering lawsuits, difficulty getting new research grants approved, and difficulty attracting top-flight researchers.

Federal research grants may soon require freezer monitoring and alerting to prevent the huge disruption, cost, and research delays resulting from freezer failures.

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