Temperature Monitoring Designed to Serve Many Industries

While the CORIS temperature monitoring system first found its use in the life sciences — and continues to serve this industry — we’ve seen the value our system brings to many other industries, too. In combination with additional monitoring technologies that complement its use, our wireless temperature monitoring system helps a wide range of industries maintain on-site safety and compliance.

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A Temperature Monitoring System That Goes to Work for You

Temperature failures can happen at any time, while manual temperature checks may only occur once a day. With a remote temperature monitoring system from CORIS, you can bridge this gap and account for issues as they occur — from any location. Real-time wireless sensor alerts, customized to your needs, empower you to minimize costly risks in your environment while staying focused on your core operations.

How Our System Works
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Did you know?


Did you know?

In most labs, there is a 4- to 6-hour window of time after a lab freezer failure for personnel to find spare freezer space and move specimens before they are compromised.

What Sets Our Solution Apart
From Other Options in the Market

sms temperature alert system

Customizable Smart Alerts

Alongside default limits for freezer and refrigerator types, we customize alerts to ensure they’re only sent out when there is an issue. With a three-tiered escalation scale in place to indicate if conditions worsen, you can choose who is notified based on the severity of the issue, as well as the time and day of the week, in the preferred frequency and format (e.g., email, phone, text).

temperature alert system and monitor

Easily Accessible Data

As our refrigerator monitoring system or freezer monitoring system measures real-time performance, it takes all the data it collects and stores it permanently. Whether you need to generate a report for regulatory purposes every month or generate a report for a grant application covering a few years, you can always access the exact data you need.

cloud based temperature monitoring system


Many cloud-based temperature monitoring systems require a multi-day training course for personnel. At CORIS, we’ve gone to great lengths to make our 24-hour temperature monitor system very intuitive. After a 30-minute online training course, we expect staff to have a clear understanding of how to use the system in the most effective and efficient way.

secure cloud based temperature monitoring system

Simplified Network Security

Our patented network security allows us to connect to your network without having to create a hole in the firewall to enable port access. While this lightens the workload of your IT staff, who would otherwise have to configure the port and firewall, the fact that the temperature monitoring system fits easily into the IT infrastructure expedites the overall installation time.

ultra low text alert temperature monitoring system

Option for DIY Installation

The battery-powered sensors we use to monitor freezer and refrigerator temperatures are all-in-one sensors, meaning they include the sensor probe, the batteries, and the wireless transmitters. The integrated nature of these sensors, coupled with their positioning on a shelf inside a refrigerator or freezer, lends itself to a streamlined DIY installation.

generate reports for ultra low temperature monitoring system

Cost-Effective System

Choosing a refrigerator monitoring system or freezer monitoring system shouldn’t be a question of quality versus price. At CORIS, we strive to balance these two elements. While we’re proud to offer a high-end product in the marketplace, we bundle everything (our hardware, software, and support) into an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee, with no upfront investment needed.

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We Pair High-End Technology with a Commitment to Service

We pride ourselves as much on our remote temperature monitoring system as we do on support. While we’re readily available to help you understand the intricacies of our system and assist with the installation, we also make it a point to promptly address client service requests. Let’s say a power outage occurs due to high winds and your CORIS temperature monitoring system goes offline, or you’re faced with a disaster like a tornado, hurricane, or fire. We have experience dealing with these emergencies, identifying creative solutions fast to restore operations — with the added benefit of available internal battery packs to store temperature data when power is interrupted.

Don’t Wait for a Failure to Take Action.

Invest in 24/7 Remote Temperature Monitoring from CORIS.

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