Construction Site Monitoring

During the construction process, project managers at a construction company use real-time monitoring to keep construction materials safe from temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as to support construction site security monitoring

Remote Construction Monitoring for the Construction Industry

CORIS is proud to offer a comprehensive wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system for construction companies that monitors temperature and relative humidity at key locations on construction sites. This includes interior temperatures during winter construction projects.

How Our Construction Site Monitoring Systems Work

When temperature or humidity issues occur anywhere on your construction site, our cloud-based 24-hour temperature and humidity monitoring system sends out real-time alerts to construction project management teams so they can take swift action to keep equipment and materials safe. All data is permanently stored in the cloud, making it easily accessible on and off the construction site.

Why Project Managers Value Our Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Temperature or humidity issues on construction sites can cause damage to construction equipment or materials on-site, as well as cause pipes to freeze in the wintertime, and place construction site personnel at risk. Our innovative construction site monitoring system provides the data you need to quickly identify problems and maintain safe construction management operations. This data can be integrated with Procore construction management software for added convenience.

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Complementary Construction Monitoring Products

  • Water leak detection of portable HVAC units for moisture management during renovations
  • Motion sensors, open door sensors and local equipment alarms that enhance construction site security
Alongside a construction site video surveillance system for remote video monitoring, a construction business also invests in a temperature and humidity system as part of their construction site surveillance

Why Construction Companies Choose CORIS


We’ve gone to great lengths to make our temperature and humidity monitoring system simple for the end user — with only a 30-minute training course needed to get up and running and DIY installation available on a job site. We pair these system qualities with a commitment to proactively helping clients and addressing any service requests in a timely manner.


Our temperature and humidity monitoring system is equipped with a three-tiered escalation system to indicate if conditions worsen. This gives you the flexibility to select who is notified based on the severity of the issue, as well as the time and day of the week, via either email, phone or text.

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Choosing a temperature and humidity monitoring system shouldn’t be a debate between quality and price. While we’re proud to offer a high-end product to construction companies, we bundle our hardware, software and support into an all-inclusive affordable monthly subscription fee.


CORIS temperature and humidity monitoring systems are used in well-known institutions and organizations across the U.S. Turner Construction, Baker Concrete, Clark Construction, Marcus Construction, Yale Peabody Museum, Dartmouth College, Stanford University and John Hopkins are just a few of the customers we’ve built partnerships with and continue to use our products/services.

Don’t Let Temperature or Humidity Damage Stall Your Construction Progress.

Invest in 24/7 Remote Temperature Monitoring from CORIS.

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