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“Every morning, one of the first things I do when I get up is pop on CORIS. I look to see what the temperature is in the liquid nitrogen freezers and what the temperature and humidity is up and around the murals. It’s that absolute peace of mind.”

Tim White, Director of Collections and Research at one of the largest natural history museums

“CORIS Monitoring System has enabled our individual laboratories to become more proactive in monitoring their fridges and freezers. It has decreased the burden for both laboratory and facilities personnel as remote monitoring is now possible, reducing the need for twice daily in-person temperature checks. In addition, the customizable nature of the alert system has allowed us to ensure that each group has units operating within their desired temperature range and can receive critical alerts when, and how they want them, without exposing users to alert fatigue.”

Angie Birnbaum, Director of Office of Biosafety, Tulane University

“We have entrusted our precious inventory to CORIS since 2020. CORIS provides excellent tracking and alerts for our freezers and fridges that are easy to access and read. We especially love how we can individualize how we receive notifications about our equipment. CORIS’ customer service is exemplary.”

Roseanne Motti, Director of Community Relations, The New York Milk Bank

“I highly recommend CORIS to anyone because of their excellent services.”

Dr. Eric Ho, Columbia University

“After the scare we had when a freezer failed on a weekend, we are glad we purchased the CORIS temperature monitoring systems to warn us of any future problems.”

Dawn Shivley, U.S. Geological Survey

“CORIS provides true peace of mind. The customizable alerts let me spot potential problems before they are real problems, and the intuitive graphs let my team diagnose fluctuations and temperature spikes. No more 4 am trips to the lab because of a brief power outage!”

Gerry Hammond, Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

“Since implementing CORIS temperature monitoring, our laboratory team couldn’t be happier. The web interface, customizable alerts, and customer support are wonderful. The peace of mind in knowing that any significant temperature deviations will immediately alert my phone is priceless. I’d highly recommend this system.”

Christopher Freeman, Division Administrator, The Personalized Genomic Medicine Laboratory/Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology @ CUMC

“With CORIS, it’s easy to navigate through the portal and print reports. It’s also a nice feature to have automatic reports and alerts provided. When there’s a problem with the system, we can always depend on a quick reaction from the vendor.”

Ed Pereira, Operations Manager, Commercial Dist

“[The] CORIS team and customer support is reliable, responsive, accommodating and helpful. Their user interface is very easy to operate. It can be set up to automatically generate reports about the monitored data equipment. We are very happy with their system and customer support.”

Amal Kolt, Research Scientist, InfinixBio

“I appreciate the timely support I receive from the CORIS team. The team’s services are excellent, and there are so many features I have yet to learn. One of the features I like most is the daily and weekly report.”

Latha Kannan, Research Lab Coordinator, College of Health Solutions @ Arizona State University

“CORIS is very easy to use. All the reports and graphs are easily accessed. They have a very good support system. If there is anything you need, they respond very quickly and are very helpful.”

Stacy Daly, RMA, Pediatric Place

“The CORIS support team was very supportive in setting up and troubleshooting our sensors. The website is easy to maneuver and provides all the information and controls in a single location.  We love having all the data at our fingertips and the ability to customize the alerts to our needs.”

Rebekah Thatcher, Document Control Manger & Office Manager, TESco Associates

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