“After the scare we had when a freezer failed on a weekend, we are glad we purchased the CORIS temperature monitoring systems to warn of us any future problems.”

- Dawn Shively, U.S. Geological Survey

Remote Temperature Monitoring That Works for and With You

The real-time remote temperature monitoring system from CORIS acts as a safety net for freezer and refrigerator issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. When temperatures move outside of acceptable boundaries, personnel instantly receive alerts (whether they are on- or off-site, and even offline) to notify them of potential issues. These early warnings give staff enough notice to take action before irreplaceable damage is done.

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What Makes Our Remote Temperature Monitoring Stand Out

Alerts can be customized to your unique needs, with a tiered escalation scale in place

Temperature data is stored on the cloud-based platform for an infinite period of time

Intuitive nature of the system means only an hour of training is needed for personnel

Patented security network does not require a hole in the firewall (for the monitoring hardware)

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Self-contained sensors streamline installation and lend themselves to the DIY route

icon showing the solutions provided by CORIS Temperature Monitoring

Hardware, software and support are bundled in an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee

“I highly recommend CORIS to anyone because of their excellent services.”

- Dr. Eric Ho, Columbia University

Temperature Monitoring Systems to Suit a Variety of Needs

While temperature monitoring is critical inside laboratories, many other industries require it too. In combination with other innovative products that complement its use, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive temperature monitoring system for museums, construction sites, food storage, wine/beer storage, food production, pharmacies, hospital/nursing homes, blood banks, in-transit monitoring, fertility clinics, breast milk storage and more.

Monitoring Solutions to Support Your Whole Environment

While remote temperature monitoring is the cornerstone of our business, we’ve leveraged our in-house expertise to create other monitoring solutions that support safety, efficiency and compliance.

  • Door sensors
  • Water sensors
  • CO2 sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • LN2 monitoring sensors
  • Electric current monitoring
  • Self-calibration of temperature sensors

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Keep Your Assets Safe with CORIS Monitoring Systems.

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