In healthcare environments, cold storage units house vaccines and other medications that can easily be compromised by extreme temperature variations. With the 24/7 remote temperature monitoring system from CORIS, you’ll have a safety net in place to protect what you value most so you can deliver better patient care and minimize losses.


When cold storage temperatures exceed predefined thresholds, personnel are instantly alerted to the issue via their preferred communication format: text, call, email or a combination.


Designed to be customer-centric, our wireless temperature monitoring system is easy to install: simply place the sensor inside the refrigerator or freezer. All it takes is a short training session to get users up and running on the intuitive system.


Temperature data collected by CORIS sensors is encrypted when sent to servers. The logged cold storage data is then safely and permanently stored on these cloud-based servers.

What Sets Our Solution Apart from Others in the Market

What Our Clients Are Saying

CORIS is very easy to use. All the reports and graphs are easily accessed. They have a very good support system. If there is anything you need, they respond very quickly and are very helpful.

-Stacy Daly, RMA, Pediatric Place

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