As of Q1 2023, nearly 16,000 companies rely on Procore software to manage every aspect of their construction projects. Of those projects, some require use of temperature and humidity sensors for quality control purposes. Naturally, it’s beneficial if this data is integrated into the Procore software to streamline and enhance project management. But what does that integration process look like?

We’re happy to report that when construction projects call for temperature and humidity monitoring systems, Procore integrations with CORIS data are easy and efficient.

When Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Are Necessary…

On some job sites, construction companies need to monitor the temperature and relative humidity of certain types of wood and laminates during storage, installation and completion. The reason being those materials are particularly sensitive to excessive heat and humidity, which can cause them to crack, warp or become discolored.

CORIS sensors ensure these sensitive materials are kept at their recommended temperature and humidity. If temperature or humidity levels approach the materials’ limits, the construction crew will be notified and can intervene to maintain product integrity and project quality.

Alongside alerts that help crews ensure quality control, companies also have a permanent record of temperatures and humidity levels on the job site. They can use that information to validate conditions throughout the construction project when it is turned over to the owner.

Bringing CORIS Data Into Procore Software Is Simple

In today’s increasingly connected world, it only makes sense for construction companies using Procore to integrate CORIS data into their project management software. Procore has an API that does all the work for you.

Through the API, Procore can automatically import temperature and humidity readings from the CORIS sensor system. All readings become part of Procore’s project record, making everything accessible from a single dashboard. 

For smaller projects, automatically generated reports in CORIS can be imported into Procore as well. Convenient access to these reports saves additional time and steps.

Interested in using CORIS to monitor your next construction project or have questions about our system’s integration with Procore? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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