At CORIS, we’re always looking for opportunities to introduce new monitoring products based on our customers’ needs and concerns. To that end, we’re proud to announce our latest product innovation: a real-time alert monitoring system for heat index levels.

High heat index values pose significant risks to construction site safety. When air temperature and relative humidity exceed certain thresholds, construction workers can experience heat-related illnesses. While jeopardizing workers’ wellbeing, prolonged exposure to these conditions can increase the risk of accidents on job sites.

While OSHA is still in the process of finalizing guidelines and enforcement for heat index issues, leading construction companies continue to make worker safety a top priority. The new CORIS heat index alert system supports a culture of worker safety on construction sites while positioning companies to proactively prepare for OSHA’s plans.

In addition to CORIS’ existing line of temperature and humidity sensors, with the introduction of the heat index alert system, job sites now have an added layer of monitoring and protection. These sensors can be placed anywhere workers are, inside or outside buildings, to keep them safe. With an alert escalation system in place, CORIS can let construction personnel know if heat index levels continue to rise and the job site becomes more dangerous for workers.

Below is a sample heat index alert from the CORIS system. Our alert escalation system coincides with the color-coding system used by the National Weather Service. We’ve also included their language that provides context around the impact each alert level has on humans.

The sample graph below shows heat index values at a particular location on a construction site:

Interested in learning more about our new heat index monitoring system? Contact us. We can answer any questions you have about our system and demo how it helps to ensure construction site safety.

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