During this crisis, many researchers are working from home, and are unable to remotely monitor their research freezers and refrigerators. While remote-monitoring can be essential to prevent devastating losses during normal times, for many labs with reduced staffing it is now critical to have the ability to track the health of your valuable research assets remotely.

In light of the importance of remote-monitoring during this crisis, and the difficulty for many customers to get purchases of remote-monitoring approved quickly, Coris is offering completely free monitoring through March 31, 2021. Let us know what you need monitored and we will provide the equipment and full access to our monitoring software, alerts, automated compliance-report products, and exceptional customer support for free. If you do not need the system by March 31, 2021, or cannot get the purchase approved, simply return it to us and you owe nothing. If at any point you are able to get the system approved for purchase, you will only pay for monitoring going forward.

If you need something monitored: please contact us ASAP – we want to help.

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