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Remote Temperature Monitoring for Construction Site in Winter

Frozen pipes are an inevitable concern in buildings as temperatures drop in the winter months. But when you’re talking about construction sites where portions of a building’s exterior are exposed to extreme cold, the concern levels and potential for damage rise. 

Marcus Construction, a Minnesota-based provider of design-build services for the commercial, industrial and agricultural markets, is no stranger to this scenario. In the fall, they started work on a facade replacement project for a four-story health clinic originally built in the mid-20th century. With the clinic remaining in operation throughout, the project involved removing all of the building’s existing brick and replacing it with metal paneling. As the brick was removed, a lot of plenum space – housing water and sprinkler system lines – was exposed to extreme winter temperatures. 

With the CORIS 24/7 temperature monitoring system, the team found a convenient way to keep tabs on temperatures and be alerted of potential issues — whether on or off the job site.

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