No LN2 tank monitoring wire

LN2 Monitoring From Inside and Outside the Tank

We’re proud to be the only company that offers three ways to monitor LN2 in tanks: sensors to monitor both temperature and LN2 levels inside the tank — our integrated internal sensing methods — and an external LN2 tank temperature sensor for sensing tank structural integrity. Together, these three monitoring methods work together to offset risk of LN2 storage failure.

How Our Integrated Tank Monitoring System Works

The new version of the CORIS ETS module has two thermocouple probe ports for temperature monitoring both inside and outside the LN2 tank and two ports for LN2 liquid level sensors to measure the LN2 level inside the tank. Based on predefined parameters, the readings from these sensors trigger real-time notifications so lab personnel instantly know when it’s time to refill an LN2 tank or if there’s a temperature or other tank problem to address.


  • Know when it’s time to refill an LN2 tank
  • Stay alert to potential temperature issues inside tank
  • Identify refill frequency issues in auto-refill LN2 tanks


  • Know if an LN2 tank has lost its structural integrity
  • Detect vacuum loss in the tank
  • Know if samples need to be moved to a different location

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