Temperature Monitoring System for

Wine and Beer Storage



CORIS is proud to offer a comprehensive wireless temperature monitoring system for wine and beer storage that monitors temperatures in wine warehouses and cellars along with beer warehouses and walk-in coolers.


Our temperature monitoring system for wine and beer storage automatically notifies repair vendors of elevated warehouse or walk-in temperatures that indicate failure. When our cloud-based system detects temperature issues, staff receive real-time alerts to help protect your inventory. All temperature data is permanently stored in the cloud, making it easily accessible from anywhere you are.


If cooling systems don't perform properly, costs can add up in terms of wine and beer that can no longer be sold to customers. Our innovative system provides the data you need to keep your systems safe and notify you right away if any issues arise.

Complementary Products

  • Open door detection to ensure refrigerator doors are completely closed, and warm air cannot seep inside
  • Water leak detection from drain lines and other systems to avoid costly repairs to surrounding areas and remain productive

Why Coris Monitoring



We’ve gone to great lengths to make our temperature monitoring system simple for the end user — with only an hour-training course needed to get up and running and DIY installation available. We pair these system qualities with a commitment to proactively helping our beer and wine clients by responding to any service requests right away.



Our temperature monitoring system is equipped with a three-tiered escalation system to indicate if conditions worsen in the storage of beer or wine in your cellar or walk-in refrigeration system. This gives you the flexibility to select who is notified based on the severity of the issue through email, text or a phone call.



Choosing a temperature monitoring system for your wine cellar or walk-in cooler shouldn’t be a debate between quality and price. While we’re proud to offer a high-end product to customers, we bundle our hardware, software and support into an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee — with no upfront investment required.


Customer Base

CORIS temperature monitoring systems are used in well-known institutions and organizations across the U.S. We’ve built partnerships with several wine and beer companies who continue to use our products and services.

Don’t Wait for a Freezer or Refrigerator Failure to Take Action.

Invest in 24/7 Remote Temperature Monitoring from CORIS.
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